What our teachers say

What the teachers say…

“Logistically everything went exactly as planned which made it completely stress-free for the staff. The hostel was superb and I fully intend to head back there for future trips/personal holidays! The students have returned home having experienced an amazing trip and will have life-long memories. It honestly could not have been better”

St Edward’s School

“I’d just like to thank you for all your work on our trip. It was a fantastic experience and I’ve already had emails from the students saying how much they enjoyed every second of it. The accommodation was lovely and the way each day ran was so smooth I got to enjoy Iceland too, and that’s something that rarely happens when I’m organising the trips myself. Many thanks.”

Haven High School

“Several schools are planning trips to South Africa and I’m advocating Ardmore!”

Cape Henry College

“The entire trip was organised very smoothly by Ardmore. The local organiser was impressively efficient. His relationships with families and placements were excellent, ensuring that the group was cared for extremely well. Cordoba is a great destination…as it is safe, culturally rich, and the students were able to be relatively independent.This is an excellent package representing real value for money and we will definitely use Ardmore again.”!”

The Godolphin and Latymer School

“We plan to keep using Ardmore for as long as we run the trip and we hope for even more kids next year.”

Stokesley School

“Thank you very much for being very helpful in the organisation of this very successful trip. Your communication was excellent and very much appreciated.”

Bexley Grammar

“Everything ran like clockwork and both students and staff alike enjoyed a really memorable trip.”.”

Rugby High School

What the students say…

“The family was very welcoming, they introduced me to the French culture and also showed me that there is more to France than just cities and street lights. If only this trip was longer, it would have been perfect. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable trip and I was able to improve my French.”

“I thought the trip was enjoyable. I can understand more French now and hold simple conversations.”

“The trip to France was an exciting experience where I could practice my knowledge of French and my listening skills. I would have liked to have more time to hear the history of monuments, museums and art work at the Musée Fabre in Montpellier. This trip has helped me to develop my skills and I would have liked to stay longer with the family. This has pushed my ambition to learn more French and encouraged me to go back to Montpellier.”

Deptford Green, Montpellier Homestay

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