A Strategic Vision of Educational Travel

Educational travel should involve more than just a border crossing. At Ardmore Educational Travel, we believe that trips abroad should inspire, educate and nurture a global perspective. To ensure this outcome, a strategic vision of educational travel is essential. It helps us align our mission and goals, ensuring we deliver a strategy that works.

Vision and Mission

We believe that educational travel should inspire the next generation of leaders. In an increasingly interconnected world, where the growing trend of globalisation demands cross-cultural communication, empathy and understanding, language trips abroad are essential experiences that develop and nurture a global perspective. Achieving this vision requires the delivery of academic excellence, an integrated approach, and innovative solutions that focus on the objectives of each travel experience.


To benefit the most from educational travel, both the language and cultural aspects of each trip need to be taken into account. A bespoke approach, where each trip is tailor-made to suit a student’s needs and requirements, means their experience is delivered in the most productive and effective way possible. International communication is encouraged through the placement of students with host-families, which aims to immerse them in the culture and language of their chosen country, while all of our tutors who deliver the language lessons on the trips are qualified language teachers for the country they’re teaching in.

Achieving our vision and mission is further secured through our educational partnerships. The School Travel Forum promotes safety and good practice for all school tour operators; our Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge means we consistently meet the STF requirements, and our ABTA and ATOL accreditation’s financially protect us. We also have our own in-house safety management standards, which are reviewed annually. They assess all aspects of a trip to ensure they meet the expected high standards, as does our partnership with the Cognita group – the largest private school owners in the country.


Our aim to deliver academic excellence, develop character and nurture a global perspective is achieved through the delivery of our strategic vision. It’s about more than visiting a country and seeing the sights and tasting the food. It’s about a fully immersive experience that inspires students to think differently, re-evaluate prejudices, see things from another perspective, gain empathy and, most importantly, prepare them for a successful interconnected future. Language trips and global experiences are beneficial in so many ways.

  • They improve communication skills
  • They develop leadership skills
  • They offer global networking opportunities
  • They provide students with international experience and a competitive edge when it comes to getting a job
  • They offer amazing overseas work and life experience
  • They open doors for bigger and better international jobs
  • They inspire and engage students in the growing globalisation their futures hold


English poet, John Donne said that ‘no man is an island.’ His poem expressed the notion that humans do badly when isolated from others. In order to thrive, they need to be a part of a community – a global network that helps each other for the common good. At Ardmore Educational Travel, our philosophy is that to be a part of the world, you have to see the world, understand the world, immerse yourself in the world, and learn from others around the world. A global perspective can build bridges and allow humanity to work together for the good of all nations. It allows us to be innovative, empathetic and interconnected.

Technology made the world seem smaller. There are no borders online. Travelling opens doors and breaks down barriers, and Ardmore Educational Travel is the only UK company that focuses solely on overcoming the language barriers that separate us.

To see how Ardmore Educational Travel can help create inspiring trips, visit us online here.

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