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Take a look at our news and views for some interesting articles you might find useful when deciding how beneficial a language trip abroad would be to your students. We discuss the benefits of learning outside of the classroom, how Ardmore can help to create a unique and immersive language experience, and travel essentials for students!

Experiential Learning

Languages and Experiential Learning

Experiential learning focuses on the personal experience of the learner rather than what the learner is taught. Humanistic psychologists believe that the growth of a personality and an individuals’ sense of self is developed through their personal experiences.

The Importance of Global Experiences for Students

In an increasingly interconnected world, the importance of global experiences for students is essential for developing the knowledge, skills and empathy required to understand multiple perspectives.

The Importance of Empathy and Perspective for our Future Leaders

Empathy is often an afterthought when it comes to defining inspirational leadership. Branded a ‘soft-skill’ – despite the fact it’s universally acknowledged as an essential personality trait – the importance of empathy and perspective when it comes to leadership is broadly missed. First, let’s define what empathy is. Then, let’s take a look at why…

Educational travel

A Strategic Vision of Educational Travel

Educational travel should involve more than just a border crossing. At Ardmore Educational Travel, we believe that trips abroad should inspire, educate and nurture a global perspective. To ensure this outcome, a strategic vision of educational travel is essential. It helps us align our mission and goals, ensuring we deliver a strategy that works. Vision…

The importance of languages in a post-Brexit world

The importance of languages in a post-Brexit world. With a post-Brexit future looming ever-closer, how the UK speaks to the world is crucial for what comes next. Learning new languages will be more necessary than ever once we leave the EU, especially when it comes to education and recruitment. Sean Harford, National Director of Ofsted,…

benefits of staying with a host family?

What are the benefits of staying with a host family?

One way to greatly improve your language skills is to stay with a host family. Living and studying a language abroad and in the company of native speakers greatly improves your chances of learning quickly and efficiently. There are a host of other benefits too, so let’s take a look at some of the best…

How Ardmore creates unique and immersive language experiences.

Ardmore Educational Travel (AET) are Language Travel Specialists who provide unique and immersive Language Experiences that increase student capabilities and promote a global mindset. Founded in 1984, the world has changed completely, but who we are and what we stand for has never changed. Proud of our reputation in the industry and among schools across…

Educational Language Trip

10 Reasons to book an Educational Language Trip

In a connected world, where social media platforms have opened up numerous channels of communication, being able to speak another language has several advantages. The way we learn has changed too, such as digital classes and apps, smarter classroom techniques, and even an educational language trip. Evidence suggests that most people hone their language skills…

Learning Outside The Classroom

The Basics LOtC is an acronym for Learning Outside the Classroom, a phrase that describes the use of places other than classrooms for teaching and learning. The aim is to introduce students to a different environment and get them ‘out and about.’ Studies have suggested providing them with these experiences can help raise achievement and…

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