Excursion Details:
  • Ranked in the top 5 aquariums in the world, Oceonografic is the biggest aquarium in Europe and home to about 5,000 different marine species.
  • The oceanographic park, created as a great leisure, training and research centre, is structured into ten great areas. The marine areas reflect the Mediterranean habitats, the polar oceans – the Arctic and the Antarctic, the islands, the tropical seas, the temperate seas and the Red Sea.
  • Moreover, the park also has a spectacular dolphinarium, an auditorium – within which one can find the Red Sea aquarium – with an area for the mangrove swamps and another for the marshlands, and different garden areas, with more than 80 different plant species.
  • The dolphinarium of the Oceanography, with a total of five pools, is the largest of its kind in Europe. Here one may sit back and observe the magnificent dolphins display their ability and intelligence during a stunning exhibition.
  • The Oceanogràfic Foundation was created to reinforce and extend the work that the Oceanogràfic carries out to protect the marine environment. Their commitment is to provide new knowledge, to work towards animals’ care and well-being of animals, and to inform and raise the awareness of society to improve the conservation of species and their natural habitat.
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