Opening Hours:

10:00am – 16:00pm

Excursion Details:
  • Built in 2000, the Hamburg Dungeon is a tourist attraction from a chain including the London Dungeon and Berlin Dungeon. It is the first of this brand to be built in mainland Europe. It provides a journey through Hamburg’s dark history in an actor led, interactive experience.
  • In a timespan of 90 minutes you will experience Hamburg’s Great Fire, floods and the agony of historic torture methods at this very special Speicherstadt museum.
  • Themes such as medieval torture, pirates, the Flood of 1717 and the Great Fire of 1842 are all part of this 90-minute trip into Hamburg’s turbulent history. The Speicherstadt location with its old warehouses is a perfect fit for this trip into the city’s dark chapters.
  • The Torture Chamber show is based on the interrogation of those thought to be smuggling to defy the 18th-century Napoleonic invasion. Visitors have to find their way through the terrible Great Fire of Hamburg that devastated much of Hamburg in 1842.
  • There is a recreation of a Plague-ravaged Hamburg street, where the effect the killer disease had in the city in 1664 is animated. The Labyrinth of the Lost is a mirror maze. The visitor stands in an Inquisition court where they are accused of sins against God.
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