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11:00am – 19:00pm

Excursion Details:
  • Château Gaillard is a ruined medieval castle, located 90 metres above the commune of Les Andelys overlooking the River Seine, in the Eure département of Normandy, France. It is located some 95 kilometres north-west of Paris and 40 kilometres from Rouen. Construction began in 1196 under the auspices of Richard the Lionheart, who was simultaneously King of England and feudal Duke of Normandy.
  • The castle was expensive to build, but the majority of the work was done in an unusually short period of time. It took just two years and, at the same time, the town of Petit Andely was constructed.
  • Château Gaillard has a complex and advanced design, and uses early principles of concentric fortification; it was also one of the earliest European castles to use machicolations. The castle consists of three enclosures separated by dry moats, with a keep in the inner enclosure.
  • A medieval military masterpiece, Château Gaillard went up for Richard the Lionheart on chalk cliffs dominating a great meander in the Seine. The castle may be in ruins now, but the two fine villages below have developed down the centuries, merging into one to form Les Andelys.
  • It is the forgotten Paradise of the Renaissance in Touraine.
  • On his return from Italy in 1496, young King Charles VIII fell in love with Italian cities and palaces and decided to recreate a “Paradise on Earth” at Chateau Gaillard in Amboise. In order to fulfill this dream, he convinced 22 Italian artists to come back with him to Amboise. Dom Pacello, the most famous gardener in 1500, was also part of the team. He planted the first gardens of the French Renaissance at Chateau Gaillard and acclimated the first orange trees in France.
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