Excursion Details:
  • Bioparc Valencia is a 10-hectare zoo park in Valencia, Spain. It is owned by the City Council of Valencia and designed and managed by Rainforest.
  • The zoo devoted solely to African animals has an educational and conservationist remit and a unique approach. There is an absence of fences which makes it seem that animals roam free and there is a mroe interactive feel to the park. In the Madagascar enclosure lemurs gambol around your feet among waterfalls and grass.
  • The ultimate goal of Bioparc is conservation, understood in its broadest sense protecting the planet, even the most concrete actions aimed at ensuring the survival of the most endangered species.
  • The Department of Education Bioparc Valencia is composed of a team of professionals trained in the field of education, biology and conservation. Students are their most important visitors as their aim is to educate the future generations on how to protect nature.
  • Bioparc is strongly committed to sustainability and conservation; it will be recycling more than 95 percent of the water that it uses as well as generating energy to heat water using a large number of solar panels throughout the zoo. Many of the species at the zoo are included in European conservation breeding programs, and primary objectives of Bioparc include educating and increasing awareness of visitors regarding care of and respect for the environment.
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