History trips to Belgium

Belgium has an enriching and fascinating history. With France on the left and Germany on the right, the country holds harrowing evidence and beautiful memorials of previous wars.

Home to the battlefields in Ypres, a trip to Belgium provides a rich historical journey. Here you can experience the front line and visit the wartime museums and memorials. It is an incredible history and anyone who visits Ypres is always moved by the experience.

Food is always an incredible way of experiencing the heart of a country first hand. As Belgium is famous for its chocolate and waffles this is an easy task to take on. So indulge. It won’t be difficult with the number of chocolate shops dotted around to tempt you.

Belgium, where language, food and laughter go hand in hand.

The coastal towns to the north proudly entice tourists with the best mussels and “frites” around. So if you’re a foodie you will love Belgium. Eating establishments are often one of the very first places we practice our language skills. These friendly establishments encourage you to practice the art of conversation.

Another popular destination when visiting Belgium is Bruges. Along with many other towns in Belgium, it is home to picturesque cobbled lanes and pretty canals. Here, you will also discover magical market squares, historic churches with medieval bell towers and lanes of step-gabled houses.

The history



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Ypres is located in the province of West Flanders. Ypres is a friendly town with wonderful architecture and a troubled past. Ypres is best known as the site of three major battles of the First World War, the most famous being the Battle of Passchendaele from July—November 1917. The many memorials and cemeteries of the

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